Like any other account, you might sometimes forget the password that you set up to access the MyLabCorp online portal. Without the correct password, you cannot log into your account and access important work-related information and documents.


The good news is that LabCorp provides employees with a simple password reset process to regain entry conveniently. Just follow these handy steps to reset your portal access within minutes.

Step 1: Visit Password Reset Page

Go to the MyLabCorp login homepage and click on the “Forgot Password” link underneath the password field. Alternatively, you can directly navigate to the password assistance page using the “Forget Password URL” shared by your HR administrator.

Step 2: Enter Credentials

On the reset page, you need to enter details like:

Mylabcorp login
  • Your MyLabCorp username
  • Registered email ID provided to LabCorp HR
  • Last 4 digits of SSN number as per company records

This verification of your credentials is required before the reset link can be sent.

Step 3: Access Reset Link

Once you have entered the above details accurately, click on the “Send Reset Link” button. This will trigger an automated email from MyLabCorp portal to your official email address.

Go to your email inbox, open this email and click on the enclosure link stating something like “Reset MyLabCorp Portal Password Now”. The link will redirect you to a new page for resetting access.

Step 4: Create a New Password

On the reset page opened, you need to input:

  • New password per LabCorp’s password policy
  • Confirm the newly created password

Make sure your new password meets the criteria mandated by your company like – minimum length, alphanumeric mix, and special characters rules.

Step 5: Login with New Credentials

Once you have successfully created and confirmed the new password, you will get a confirmation from the MyLabCorp portal.

You can now head back to the MyLabCorp login page and access your account seamlessly using your standard username along with the newly set up password.

If you face any issues in resetting the password even after following these steps, immediately contact the HR helpdesk for assistance. Save the helpline number provided to you so that you can promptly resolve any portal access problems.

Follow Company Policies

Do refer to LabCorp’s employee handbook for specific password policies related to complexity, expiry, and reuse established by your organization. Employees must set up strong login credentials and reset them at frequent intervals to prevent unauthorized access.

Through these simple steps, retrieving access to your MyLabCorp account so you can view payroll, benefits and other employment details is quick and hassle-free.